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What Is The Google Review Link?

Google review links are unique links that simplify the process for your customers to write a review on your Google My Business (Google Business Profile) Page.

This is a direct link to YOUR Google My Business Review Page.

Review Generation Made Easy
Instead of customers having to search to find your review page, with this direct link, your customers can post a review in just a matter of seconds. The best part is these links are mobile friendly, allowing anyone signed in to leave a review in a matter of seconds.

Why Businesses Need A Google Review Link

A majority of online local traffic for new customers comes from Google.

Google uses reviews as part of their equation for determining which businesses to prioritize at the top of their results.

Google takes the following review factors into consideration:

The more frequently you generate Google reviews, the more likely you are to show up higher than your competition.

If you want to get more customers from Google, you have to prioritize generating Google reviews on a daily basis.

The best way to get more reviews is helping your customers leave a review in the simplest possible solution.

This special link is directly from Google and the one they want you to use when requesting reviews from your customers.

With a single click your customers can easily leave a review for your business in under 30 seconds.

How to Use Your Google Review Link to Get More Customer Reviews

Now that you have your Google review link, all you have to do is share it with your customers. Here are some quick, easy ways you can use your link to start generating reviews:
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Review Link Generator QR Code Sample

Scanning the QR code brings your customer directly to your Google review link . . .

Mobile Review

Tips On Generating Great Customers Reviews

The Google review link is designed to make it easier for your customers to leave reviews for your business. It is important to take a customers-centric approach when asking for reviews from your customers. You always want to put your customers first and how much they matter to your business.

Not all reviews are created equally and not all will be positive. This is your opportunity to improve your customer service levels. It is important to respond to negative reviews and use the information to improve your customer experience. It is also really important to respond to all reviews that you receive, it will show other people searching for you business that your care.  

3 ways you can improve the quality of your reviews:

How Reviews Affect Your Business

Reviews Affect Your Business Appearance In Search Results

The presence (or lack) of reviews on your business directly impacts the way your business appears in broader search results. Local Google search, Google Map search and Yelp search results all show both a star rating and even a snippet of the review in their search results.

Responding To Google Reviews are the 2nd most important factor in how Google ranks a local business.

Recent Reviews Are Relevant Older Reviews Aren't

Consumers make decisions about contacting businesses based upon recent reviews, not older ones. Reviews older than 3 months are seen as irrelevant. When responding to Google reviews, the most recent ones posted online matter most. Encourage reviews from your customers and working on your behalf, we’ll make sure you respond quickly.

Proven Results

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Sean T Phillips
Internet Marketing Professional, STP Consulting
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