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CLIENT BILLING INFORMATION. On the anniversary date of the account establishment, or 3 days preceding, if ACH/Draft, Client authorizes its financial institution to charge the Client account(s) and pay KESH Holdings, Inc by electronic funds transfer or permit KESH Holdings, Inc or its processor to create a paper draft for deposit against the clients above specified account for the total monthly fee indicated herein and the setup fee (one-time).  Returned ACH or check draft transactions are subject to a $25 return fee payable by the Client. Failure to make scheduled payment will be considered notification of cancellation and agreement will be terminated within 15 days unless past due payment is made in full.


Month-To-Month: I understand that either party may cancel this contract at any time by giving 30 days notice to the other party. Annual: Client must make 12 monthly payments, after which agreement converts to Month-To-Month. If Client payment is returned or missed, Pricing reverts to Monthly Rate. Your service will terminate upon the next billing date. However, payments will not be prorated and partial monthly refunds will not be given if cancellation occurs in the middle of billing cycle. You must inform and receive confirmation from KESH Holdings, Inc by one of two (2) methods: 1) email:, 2) phone (866) 723-2522.

SERVICES. KESH Holdings, Inc will provide its services, as detailed on the services portion of the agreement (the “Services”), subject to the terms and conditions of the Client Services Agreement, during each month of the Term for which KESH Holdings, Inc has been paid fees, as set forth in the Service Terms and Conditions, which may be viewed at KESH makes no guarantee as to website performance, website hosting, profitability, Daily Deal, reputation or system performance or payment integration performance, SMS deliverability or return on investment. Unless otherwise stated, updates beyond the service limit are billed at $100 per hour. Client understands that any expense or agreements entered into between customer and third parties, such as advertising and printing for the benefit of QR Code and the information to which the QR Code delivers viewers are the sole responsibility and liability of the customer and are not recoverable in the event of termination of this agreement.

These Services Include:

We Will (1) Manage, Monitor, and Market Your Online Reputation, (2) Develop A Strategy For You To Obtain Reviews From Your Customers, (3) Provide a Hosted-Client Branded Review Collection, Mobile Responsive Site ,(4) Provide a Hosted-Client Branded Customer Welcome Center For Clients To View In Your Location Formatted For A Tablet, (5) Provide an Template Email for Review/Feedback Collection, (6) Personally Train All Your Staff On Reputation via Our Video Training Center, (7) Help You Build Your 5 Star Reputation, (8) Submit Your Business to 35 Top Directories over the first 60 Days, (9) Monitor The Top Review Sites Each Day and (10) Alert You To New Reviews Each Day Via Email, (11) Recap Your Reviews Into An Email Report Delivered To You Twice Per Month, (12) Syndicate Your 4 & 5 Star Reviews To Your Website, Facebook, Twitter& Linkedin, (13) Create Review Images and Post To Facebook, and Flickr (14) create & submit 1 press release each month, (15) Consult with Your For 60 Min per Mth

OWNERSHIP. Client understands that is a rental agreement and that sites & pages may be terminated or discontinued, furthermore QRCodes, Keywords and domain ownership created for your use are retained by KESH.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS. KESH shall not be liable for any loss or damages, including consequential, indirect and incidental, arising out of the use of the services, except to the extent prohibited by law. Any implied warranties or conditions of merchantability are limited to the duration and terms of this agreement and that the sole remedy will be the termination of this agreement. The terms of the Client Services Agreement (the “Agreement”) are subject to the KESH Holdings, Inc Terms and Conditions, which may be viewed at and are incorporated by reference, as may be amended by KESH Holdings, Inc from time to time (the T&C’s).

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Last Updated: January 1, 2023

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