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About DoReputation

DoReputation is the business reputation division of, a multi-faceted digital marketing company established by Eric Herman in 2010 to assist his network of financial, real estate, medical and technology business owners. 

Our affordable solutions make it easy for small business owners generate and respond to reviews without the need for employees or expensive reputation management companies.


Our Story

I’ve been online since 1998. I started by building industry specific online directories. The first one was a Manhattan based real estate directory. In 2005 I got into the payments business, pioneering remote check deposit for financial institutions. This ultimately lead to eCommerce opportunities as high speed internet and smart phones began to flourish.

I founded “DoReputation” in 2012  to assist our payment processing customers with their online reviews and online reputation. We specialized in helping them navigate the emerging digital and mobile landscape. Our original slogan was…”you do business, we’ll do your processing”.  

Over the years we’ve helped our customer base manage their ever-changing online presence, online reviews, website design, hosting, search engine optimization and Google Business Profiles.

DoReputation focuses on providing the tools and assistance small business owners need to generate a consistent flow of reviews and promptly responding to customer reviews.

Respond To Reviews Automatically

Respond To Google Reviews Within Seconds

Using Artificial Intelligence

How Does It Work?

Step 1. Connect your Google Business Profile to our software platform and automatically import all of your Google reviews.

Step 2. Our highly trained Artificial Intelligence writes review responses to all of your reviews. You can easily rewrite or edit the responses before they’re posted to Google.

Step 3. When a new review comes in our software will send you an email with both the review and the response to that review. You can easily approve, rewrite, reject or edit the response prior to posting it to Google.

Generate Reviews Consistently

Customized Review Generation

4 Review Generation Methods

Choose from 4 proven review generation methods. We’ll help you implement the one best suited to your business… 

Showcase Your Fanatical Fans

Why are your fanatical fans so important?

These customers are micro influencers for your business. What they say can have a significant impact on conversion from site visitors to customers.

The problem with reviews on Facebook:

You’ve got all these great reviews on facebook. Your customers, clients and patients have taken the time to share their personal messages about their experience with your business, but they’re stuck in the “review tab”. 

How Fanatical Fans Solves This Problem . . .  

By repurposing Facebook reviews into search engine optimized and engaging social media content, you’re transforming a hidden asset into an highly visible appointment booking and customer generating one.

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